Our Purpose


Rising Fitness has helped transform bodies and lives since 2015. It was built with my personal passion as it's main driver - to provide clients with all information they need to sustainably create fitness results.

I started this boutique outlet as a personal training only gym so that i could focus on working with serious individuals to bring serious results. Since then, the Rising Fitness team has grown to feature 7 more incredibly passionate personal trainers all striving towards the same vision I had when I started this gym - to bring quantifiable results to clients by using data driven modern training and nutritional protocols.

Here at Rising Fitness, we understand the frustrations of having desire to change but not knowing where to start. After countless personal training sessions coupled with constant drive to improve our methods, we have developed many proven tactics and methods of training that we provide to every single client passionate about instigating change.

As long as you are committed to change, we will be here to guide you to success - that is my personal guarantee!



Alex Mok
Founder and Owner
Rising Fitness