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Our Purpose

Rising Fitness has helped transform bodies and lives since 2015. It was built with my personal passion as it's main driver - to provide clients with all information they need to sustainably create fitness results.

I started this boutique outlet as a personal training only gym so that I could focus on working with serious individuals to bring serious results. Since then, the Rising Fitness team has grown to feature 7 more incredibly passionate personal trainers all striving towards the same vision I had when I started this gym - to bring quantifiable results to clients by using data driven modern training and nutritional protocols.

Here at Rising Fitness, we understand the frustrations of having desire to change but not knowing where to start. After countless personal training sessions coupled with constant drive to improve our methods, we have developed many proven tactics and methods of training that we provide to every single client passionate about instigating change.

As long as you are committed to change, we will be here to guide you to success - that is my personal guarantee.

Alex Mok

Founder and Owner

Rising Fitness

our specialties:

Strength Training

We specialize in helping beginner and intermediate trainees build up their strength through compound movements and accessory work. If getting and feeling stronger is one of your goals, you'll be pleased to know it's one of our specialties!

Body Transformation

Most of our clients come to us with a desire to change their physique. We specialize not just in delivering results, but ensuring results attained are sustainable. We develop tailor-made plans with each individual to ensure the continued success of their fitness journey.

Female Fat Loss

Women tend to have different struggles when it comes to weight loss and body transformation. Dealing with hormonal imbalances that may affect not only physical performance but eating habits is not an easy task. Our trainers develop bespoke plans for our female clients to not only overcome these hurdles but to ultimately gain control of their physique and achieve results.

our stories

Irene, Co-Founder of Blended

I have been plump all my life till I went to the obese scale at 167cm. I gained 12kg in a span of 4 years and everyday I was miserable. Ever since I stepped into the gym, I lost all 12kg in 6 months and I am still aiming to lose 5 more.

Thinking back, I spent 4 years crying over my fats when I could  have solved it in 6 months of Personal Training with Rising Fitness!


In July of 2016, I made a random phone call to a random gym and spoke with a random personal trainer. Had he been a d**k; had he made me feel like I didn’t belong in the gym, I would not have gone back. But that’s not what happened. My trainer Zac inspired the hell out of me to bust my ass.

Now Rising Fitness is my second home and I say a little word of thanks each time I enter the door. I love seeing the trainers and the clients- all of them there are trying to do something positive either for themselves or for others. That’s damned cool!


Rising Fitness trainers are equipped with the knowledge, patience, dedication and most outstandingly, they have an awesome understanding nature to cater to the needs of working adults seeking fitness.

I was 107kg when I walked into Rising Fitness and since then, I have shed 25kg. The trainers at Rising Fitness can effectively scale your training to tailor to your current level of fitness while at the same time keeping the workout fresh and enjoyable. Nutrition planning is another bonus that is added as it’s a big part of how fast you will see your results. The “do and don’ts” of everyday food played such a major role in me getting in shape.

Whether it’s for your own personal goal or in my case, for work purposes, Rising Fitness will find the right regime to get the body you always wanted, giving you the priceless sense of satisfaction whenever you walk pass a mirror.

rising fitness

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Singapore 248327

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